Lafargue Records

Hosting music from the vaults of deceased record labels.

Ghosts of Progress Show Poster

A show poster with Ghosts of Progress, Travel by Train, and Whysp from 2004.


The Technicolour Sound: First Show Poster

From the vaults: The Technicolour Sound’s very first show in the back of a comic book shop in Brawley, CA. A small audience, but a good show none-the-less.

My People Pray by Starlight tour posters

Here are a few classic show posters for My People Pray by Starlight.

Ghosts of Progress Promotional Pictures

Taken by Oscar Guillen in 2004.

Knick Knack Attack – 1

The first 10″ of minimal electronic music form the Oakland, California’s Knick Knack Attack. Pressed to 20 lathe discs.

1. Song 1

2. Song 2

Bon Bon Casio – “Our Adventure”

bonbon copy

A 7 inch by Bon Bon Casio about a group of friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. Recorded entirely with cheap broken Casio keyboards, and released in very limited numbers in 2001.

1. Intro to the Game

2. Let’s begin!

3. The Distrust

4. In the Forest of Elves

5. Snack Break

6. Triumph!

7. Lost, War, Fear, Death

8. To Our Homes and Light

Sketchbook Vol.1

sketchbook copy
A nice compilation of songs from some indie folksters back in 2004, released by Burning Daisies Records. Includes Portland’s Cuspidor and Left Turn Only, Santa Cruz’s Ghosts of Progress, and San Diego’s Caitlin Denny.
Pressed to 500 CDs. You can buy a physical copy here, and its only 6 bucks.

1. Cuspidor – A Recipe for Enchantment

2. Cuspidor – Under the Pipes

3. Cuspidor – Handwriting on the Wall

4. Cuspidor – The Devil’s Only Daughter-in-law

5. Caitlin Denny – Raining Outside

6. Caitlin Denny – I can’t Believe

7. Caitlin Denny – West

8. Caitlin Denny – I Want my Past Back

9. Left Turn Only – Empty Sky

10. Left Turn Only – I thought I knew

11. Lef Turn Only – Some Things We do

12. Ghosts of Progress – Crash to Sea

13. Ghosts of Progress – Cobblestone/ A Silent Wind

14. Ghosts of Progress – Citizen War


Inside cover.